Attractions in Berlin

Since the re-unification of Germany, Berlin has once again become Germany’s capital city and attracts a lot of tourists. As with other places that receive a large number of tourists, berlin appears in many traveling blog and according to them, these are some of the most popular attractions that appeal to tourists:

Brandenburg Gate is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, no tourist leaves the city until they have seen it. The gate stood between East and West Berlin during the cold war and when the war ended and Germany unified, the Brandenburg Gate became the symbol of the new Germany.

The Reichstag has traditionally been the seat for Germany’s government. In the 1990s the historic building underwent remodelling and so now has an additional glass dome where people can look in to see the proceedings and at the same time, get a beautiful view of Berlin’s skyline.

Berlin’s Tiergarten is 600 acres of lush green in the heart of the capital. With its small creeks and leafy paths, it is easy to see why Berliners love it, especially since of course; it also has a traditional beer garden.

Museum Island is located in the middle of the Spree River and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island gets its name because it is home to the Berlin Cathedral and five museums which are all world class.

Berlin’s East Side gallery is the last remaining piece of the wall that once divided East Berlin from West Berlin and it has been converted into the world’s largest outdoor gallery with international artists displaying over 100 paintings.

Spread out over a 4.7 acre site, is the sculptured Holocaust Museum which is both moving and impressive at the same time. 2,500 pillars are geometrically arranged around the site and next to the memorial is the underground museum where all the names of the known victims of the holocaust are listed.

An amphitheatre in Mauerpark on Sundays becomes the scene for an outdoor karaoke party where, if you sing, you will probably be doing so in front of 1,000 people who just come to listen to any budding artists. Next to the karaoke is a world famous flea market and so you many people combine the two activities in order to make for a great day of shopping and sounds.

The Glienicke Bridge is painted two shades of green, indicating where once, east met west. This bridge was the site for spy exchanges during the cold war and is a good starting point if you want to either walk or cycle the 100 mile course where the Berlin Wall once surrounded West Berlin. The route is marked by grey and white signs displaying the words Berliner Mauerweg.

Victoria Park consists of a hill 66 meters high and by climbing the hill, you are rewarded with some breath taking views of parts of the city. If you would like an even better view and don’t want to climb a hill, take the elevator to the cafeteria on the 20th floor of Technische Universität Berlin where you can taste some good food whilst enjoying the spectacular view.