Backpackers New Zealand

Although New Zealand is recognized as having what is known as a temperate climate, in the extreme north in the warmer months it can experience sub-tropical climates whilst in the extreme south during the colder months, it can experience severe frosts. This means that any travellers to the country should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, especially backpackers who will probably want to experience as much of the country as possible and do it without staying at 5 star hotels. Today there are a great number of backpackers that visit New Zealand and for many of them their experience starts in Auckland on the Northern of the two main islands. To move around the country from there, there is a good bus service which even allows for hop-on hop-off travel and that applies to both of the two main islands. There are many hostels available both with private accommodation or shared accommodations and the New Zealanders are always friendly.

Since the 1960s when hippies started to journey east along the Old Silk Road, backpacking has become popular with so many people backpacking the Old Silk Road that it soon became known as the Hippie Trail. The idea was to experience South East Asia with only what you could carry in your backpack and a limited budget. Today backpackers now travel in many countries including through much of Europe, South America, Central America, Australia and New Zealand as well as the now well-worn Hippie Trail. Many of today’s backpackers will try and find temporary work as they go, allowing them to travel further and for longer but the problem has always been finding temporary work. As the backpacker rarely has any set schedule for when they may reach a certain place, finding work in advance of them reaching somewhere could prove difficult and so they could only enquire as they reached a particular place. In New Zealand however, in order to assist backpackers and employers looking for temporary workers, a Backpacker Jobboard has been created which is kept up to date and published on a website. By making use of this job board, backpackers can look for temporary work a day before reaching a destination, saving them both time and effort. Many of the jobs available of course may be seasonal work such as fruit picking but other work is also often available especially if there is a country fair in the area.

Backpacking is a great way to see the world on a budget and as more and more people take the opportunity to see the world this way; backpackers become an increasingly regular sight in those countries that welcome them. Most backpackers will make the most of cheap public transport in the countries they visit but on occasions may have to hitchhike or even hike for part of their journey but all will experience the best cultural experiences that a country has to offer. One of the beauties of backpacking is that if you like a place, you can stay longer than planned, especially if you find temporary employment there.