Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

One of the first things you must do if you are considering trying to get back an old boyfriend, is be very sure that that is what you want and it is not just that you need a boy in your life; any boy. The reason why I say this is because more often than not, it would be easier to find a new boyfriend than it will be to get your old one back. If you have decided though that winning your ex boyfriend backis what you want, be prepared for some hard work and have some patience.

You will not want to stalk your ex but instead try and arrange a seemingly chance, accidental meeting where you ask about how they have been doing and mentioning that you miss them. If they also say they missed you then take that chance to suggest a drink together to share the feelings each have you have been having since the break-up. Do not push it though, be casual and arrange another accidental meeting if necessary, trying the same ploy again.

According to most of the un-break up guides, you should never beg your ex-boyfriend to return as if they do return, it may well just be out of pity and pity never lasts long and so the boyfriend will not last long either. According to the guides it is also an error to keep bringing up the past even if it is just to mention the good times you shared.

The reason for this they say is that bringing up the past also reminds the boyfriend of some of the bad things that happened between you and so may have the opposite affect to what you were hoping for. You should therefore concentrate on the present and how the future could look if you were both together again.

Obviously if the boy was afraid of commitment, it is best not to mention anything that may feel he is being pressured, allow him to make the first moves in taking the relationship further and this is why you must have patience if you are to succeed in winning them back for a long and lasting relationship. Although most boys do not like to commit themselves early, most will do eventually and so stay focused or be prepared to lose them again.

Obviously if it was you that ended the relationship for one reason or another, you will have to apologize and admit that you did perhaps make a mistake, a quick and rash decision for which you are now truly sorry and will not let it happen again. Again, do not beg but make it clear that things will be different in the future and that you will never again doubt him.

This all sounds like hard work and it is and so that is why you must be certain before you start, that this is what you really want and that no other boy could take their place.